Love & Hip Hop Episode 6: My Mouth Is Reckless


Tahiry and Joe’s relationship is still pretty much done at this point, and she’s in a mourning period. She visits Rashidah, who is trying on wedding dresses, and it might be the worst venue for Tahiry to be at that moment because she hates being reminded that she’s not going to get a wedding to Joe like she had hoped for. “I’m not hurt, I’m not angry, I’m just sad,” she tells Rah. “And so walking in here, I don’t mean to ruin your day of fun, but I thought I’d be wearing a dress. That was the whole point. The whole point after nine years of being with somebody and dealing with all of his struggles.”

“You deserve so much better,” Rah tells Tahiry.

Tahiry has a bright spot (hopefully) in her life at the moment though. Her younger sister, Lexie, who stopped speaking to her five years ago, reached out to her. When one door closes, Tahiry says, another opens. Hopefully this door will lead to something good.

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