Love & Hip Hop Episode 6: My Mouth Is Reckless


Tahiry and her younger sister Lexie meet up for the first time in years and it’s an emotional moment for Tahiry. She’s emotional to begin with, but then Lexie tells Tahiry that their father lost his apartment which upsets her even more. Lexie then tells Tahiry that the reason she’s been distant for all this time is that she feels like when Tahiry is in her relationships, specifically her relationship with Joe, she ignores everyone else important to her. (BTW, Lexie and Tahiry sound almost identical, no?)

“I didn’t neglect my sister,” Tahiry says. “But she felt that way.”
Lexie tells Tahiry that she has no trust in her, that she can’t reach out to her for anything. Tahiry tells her that’s not true, but Lexie is staunch in her opinion that Tahiry will turn her back on her. This kills Tahiry inside.

“This really makes me realize how much I’ve sacrificed for his ass,” Tahiry says about Joe. “This gives me the chance to fix my relationship with my sister.”

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