Love & Hip Hop Episode 6: My Mouth Is Reckless


Amina has a huge surprise for Peter when they meet at the park: she’s bought them wedding rings. I love a woman who takes matters into her own hands. Peter feigns excitement and “jokes” with her that he needs to wear his on a chain around his neck.
She makes him put his on and he tells her that even though he plans to wear it, he still feels bad to throw this in Tara’s face. Especially when he’s sleeping with her. (Cough.)

Peter reiterates that he’s still in live with both women, and the reason it’s difficult to choose between them is because he’s always more in love with whoever he’s with at the time. Between his children with Tara and wearing Amina’s ring, he has a lot tethering him to each woman and it’s impossible to choose.

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