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“Aww, that’s sweet,” April said. “I’m going to miss you around here.”
“I promise to Skype every day,” Keisha said. “I’ve got to go. See you ladies at the end of the summer. Now get off my screen. I have a full day planned. I want to learn the native tongue. Ciao.” Keisha blew a kiss to her friends.
“That’s not Thai, that’s Italian,” April said laughing.
“Whatever! Bye!” Keisha said with a wink just before the screen went blank.
April backpedaled until her legs were halted by Raquel’s bed and she let her body fall backward onto the mattress.
Raquel joined her on the bed. “Why do I feel like there is something you aren’t telling me?” she asked.
April sat up and with a half-hearted smile and said, “I’m going to New York for the summer. I’m leaving tomorrow.”
Raquel’s heart sank as her face fell. “What? I thought you weren’t leaving for a few more months! I need you here, April. You’re the only one left to keep me sane.”
“You have Omar,” April offered with a smile.
“I love him, but Omar will drive me nuts,” Raquel said. “Well, I’m happy for you, April. I hope you and Reggie are very happy in New York.”
The two women hugged. “Call me everyday?” Raquel suggested.
“We have Skype dates, remember?” April said enthusiastically.
Raquel nodded as April turned to the door. “Make sure you stop by Indulgence before you leave. This can’t be our official goodbye,” she said as they waved and blew air kisses.
“Absolutely. I’ll stop by before we head out,” April promised before making her exit.
Sadness and a sense of abandonment filled her as she closed the door. There was nothing better than a group of good girl friends when you were going through a break-up. Keisha and April were the pieces of her heart that she thought would always remain intact. Suddenly she seemed to be losing them as well. My life is completely falling apart, she thought dismally. Raquel rushed to her room, packed a bag full of clothing then exited her apartment in haste. A suite at the W was calling her name. The hip, luxury hotel was just the type of escape she needed at a time like this.

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