Mob Wives: New Blood Season Premiere Recap: It’s Show Time


Welcome back, ladies! A lot has changed since last season on Mob Wives, most importantly, the new blood transfusion the show received. On tonight’s episode, we met the new ladies, Alicia and Natalie, and were reminded why we love the original ladies so much. From the drunk and slurry lunches to the revelations about Karen and Alicia’s family rivalry, let’s get into the dirty details of what went down tonight.

Big Ang is back from Miami after opening her bar down there, and she could not be happier. Miami guys, she explains, are all prettier than she is, so she’s glad to be back on Staten Island where there are “real men.” She and Renee make plans to attend Renee’s friend Alicia’s party, which has a roaring ’20s, Gatsby/Boardwalk Empire theme.
“Whatever happened to ‘come as you are and get f—in’ whacked’?” Ang asks. I love her desire for simplicity. I really do.

Renee’s also been working on her Mob Candy line of shoes and clothing, and she’s in a great place both professionally and emotionally. She’s focused on her fashion at the moment and it’s nice to see.

Drita’s going to the party too, and when she calls Lee — who’s out of jail and back in her life — to tell him about it, he makes sure she brings the most important accessory of all. You know, to make things authentic.
Drita explains that with Lee, they’re either “madly in love or we want to f—ing kill each other,” and right now they’re “like Bonnie and Clyde again.”

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