Love & Hip Hop Episode 7 Recap: Royalty Or Ratchetness


Yandy meets with Tara to tell her they ran into Peter an Amina and laid everything out for her about what happened at the club. Yandy said that Peter claimed he couldn’t remember the last time he slept with Tara, but Tara says that in the last two months she’s “taken two Plan B’s” and Peter’s been generous with his…love. Which is why Yandy hates to bring up the other thing about what she saw at the club: Peter and Amina wearing matching wedding bands.
Yandy Face 407
“I need to check his pathetic ass, because obviously there’s a missing piece to this puzzle,” Tara responds. “Peter is still lying to both me and Amina and Peter needs to stop playing these childish games because, for one, I’ve had enough.” This has been the kick in the pants that Tara needs to get serious about doing something about Peter. “Let’s take the gloves off!” she says.

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