Love & Hip Hop Episode 7 Recap: Royalty Or Ratchetness


It seems like Peter Gunz gets an itch to step out on his relationships at the first whiff of commitment, because the first thing he did after he received a wedding ring from Amina was go hook up with Tara. And then Amina noticed that when Peter went out to take his son to school, he left his ring on the nightstand. She brings the ring with her to the guitar store where they meet up later in the day and asks him why he wasn’t wearing it — a reasonable question — and Peter responds like he married the biggest nag in the world, telling her that wearing it is like “a foreign object” and that she’s f—ing up a good thing and starting to become Tara.
I’m f—ing it up?” she asks. She then tells him how much she hates when he spends the night at Tara’s with their kids, but if he’s stil going to spend time with them, she wants to meet the boys. Unfortunately, that’s not something Tara will allow. Peter tells her that she might be able to meet his younger son, Kaz, but his older boy might snitch if Amina hangs out with him.

“If I’m really Mrs. Pankey, then Peter needs to start acting like it,” Amina says. She wants to become a part of his life, meet his kids, feel like a WIFE.

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