Love & Hip Hop Episode 7 Recap: Royalty Or Ratchetness


Plate Thrower
“What’s up with you, plate thrower?” Rich asks Erica when she walks in to his apartment for a visit.

“I woulda threw his bitch if she didn’t run so quick,” she responds. Rich wants to know why she flew off on Peter during their business lunch, and Erica explains once again that Peter is the one responsible for breaking up her relationship with Rich because he’s the one who was whispering in Rich’s ear last season to break up and she doesn’t know why Rich keeps him around because he’s messy.

“Stop f—ing throwing plates and acting like a maniac out here and no one would have anything negative to say about you!” Rich yells at Erica when she starts in on Little Gunz. “I thought that Erica had changed but her attitude will always be her biggest downfall…The reality is, she’s her own worst enemy in these situations.”

Erica has a more emotional explanation for the way she behaves — she still loves Rich. “I still, to this day, choose you over everything!” she tells him, after all their battles last season. She even signed her contract with Rich because it was “my way of keeping you in my life,” she says. This seems like news to Rich.
“I’m smart enough to know that things between us, personally, will never work out,” she adds.

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