Love & Hip Hop Episode 7 Recap: Royalty Or Ratchetness


Saigon and Erica Jean are working together to figure out if there’s actually a developmental issue with their son, per their huge blowout fight. They visit a child psychologist, after having been to a pathologist, to see what she has to say. Sometimes instead of using his words, it turns out their son will act out physically, so the doctor asks the parents “How is anger acted out between you two?” Here, let me show you this parking lot footage, Doc, and you can see for yourself.

“When we fight it’s not pretty,” Saigon says. “It’s mostly me, more so than her. That’s my defense mechanism.” It seems that their behavior mirrors what Steven does, and he mimics his parents’ own actions of frustration and anger.

“Hopefully it isn’t too late in Steven’s development to make a difference,” Erica says.

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