Love & Hip Hop Episode 7 Recap: Royalty Or Ratchetness


K.Michelle’s album, Rebellious Soul, has hit #1 on the R&B charts, so what better way to celebrate than to hit the club with her pals Paris and Yandy? While the three of them are out, they run into “monkey one and monkey two,” Peter and Amina, and Yandy says “I don’t want no part of this three ring circus.”

The happy couple sits down with the ladies and straight off the bat, K.Michelle brings up “the elephant in the moherf—ing room,” asking Peter “When was the last time you slept with Tara?”

“You think he’s gonna sit here and tell you in front of his wife that he slept with Tara three weeks ago?” Yandy asks.


This is kind of awkward, and enough to make anyone sympathize, even just a little bit, with Amina. Peter dodges the question completely, and Amina asks him to join her at the bar so they can discuss this situation privately. “I was really uncomfortable,” Amina admits. “I wanted to get out. I wanted to have a private conversation with Peter about it but not in front of them.”
Amina Bar 407
Amina asks Peter what it is the women know about him and Tara, and he says he’s not doing any of this “timetable s—” which is his way of saying yes, we slept together three weeks ago but who’s counting?

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