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Keisha opened her mouth to respond but was silenced when she noticed Taylor fighting against the forceful gusts of the helicopter, her hair and Burberry trench coat blowing violently in the wind.
“Umm, Malcolm,” Keisha stated in confusion. “You want to handle that?”
Her voice filled his earphones and he peered over her out of the window. He grimaced and grit his teeth as he shot her an apologetic look. She patted his hand reassuringly. Keisha wasn’t naïve. She was sympathetic to his situation. Things like this were always messy. She knew that Malcolm would have to deal with the fallout of his breakup with Taylor. He had been in a serious relationship with her for months. Keisha didn’t expect for the poor girl to just disappear into thin air without protest. Any woman in her right mind would put up a fight for a man like Malcolm. Unfortunately for Taylor, poised against Keisha, she would not win. The chemistry between Keisha and Malcolm was undeniable. Even when they hated each other, their love was still palpable. It was too strong for either of them to ever deny and too great for anyone, especially Taylor, to break. It had been folly on her part to turn this into a competition between them. Keisha and Taylor were like night and day. Where Taylor came from affluence, Keisha had grinded her way to success. She had earned every single thing she had, which is why she seldom came up on the losing end of the stick. Taylor was out of her league when it came to squaring off with Ms. Greene. Keisha only hoped that Malcolm would let her down with sensitivity so that they all could close this awkward chapter in their lives.
“Wait a minute, Jackson, cut the engine,” Malcolm instructed, speaking to the pilot.

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