Read An Exclusive Excerpt From The Newest Single Ladies eBook, A Couple Of Forevers Featuring Keisha


Malcolm rose from his seat and kissed Keisha’s forehead as he bypassed her to exit the flying machine. He adjusted his tie, loosening it as it suddenly felt like it was choking him. He was visibly uncomfortable and prepared for a showdown. He was being put on the spot and didn’t appreciate it. Taylor and Malcolm had already been through this song and dance. He hadn’t expected to replay the final act in their relationship. The prim and proper Ms. Taylor wasn’t the pushover she appeared to be. At first glance he could see the fire that danced in her eyes. She was livid and Malcolm was a bit unnerved as he waited for her approach. Her five-inch Louboutins were like stakes stabbing the concrete as she walked furiously towards him. The helicopter blades stopped spinning, the engine’s roar softening to a purr, allowing natural sound to be audible again. Taylor’s trench coat blew in the wind as she stalked over to him. She was a woman scorned and Malcolm could see the undeniable look of hurt in her glossy stare. Evidence of a night full of tears stained her face. She was desperate and it showed. On any other day she wouldn’t be caught dead with swollen, red eyes, or messy hair, but today she was laying it all on the line. Her heart was on her sleeve and Malcolm could tell that it was taking everything in her not to allow her emotions to flow freely in this moment.
“Taylor,” he greeted.

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