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“What are you doing, Malcolm?” Taylor asked, the bite of anger nipping at him in her tone. She peered over Malcolm’s shoulder at Keisha waiting in the helicopter. “All of this time you told me that Keisha was just a friend…that I was being paranoid…that she wasn’t a threat to our relationship. You promised me and now here we are. She’s sitting in a seat that I just occupied less than forty eight hours ago!” She screamed the last part, unable to keep her tone of voice calm.
“Taylor, we both knew that this would never last. My heart…”
“What heart?” Taylor spat as she folded her arms across her chest. “We go from being happy and waking up to each other every morning, to me finding out you need space like this?” She held up the note that he had left on her pillow while she slept. She had awakened to the white piece of paper lying next to her where he should have been. “This is insensitive, it’s insulting, and your reason for leaving…that you need space…it’s a lie!” She was so passionate that she was practically yelling at him.
Malcolm felt guilty for the way that things had turned out with Taylor but there was no changing the fact that what he had with her couldn’t compare to the way he felt about Keisha. It was better to let it go now than to let things linger. It had never been his intention to hurt her feelings but life and love was complicated. There was always a con to giving your heart to another. It made you vulnerable and susceptible to extreme hurt and in this love triangle Taylor had come up short. There had never been a competition between she and Keisha over Malcolm. In his heart, he had always known. It had just taken him a while to admit it. After Keisha had been put in harm’s way, it became crystal clear. She was the one and he wasn’t going to lose another moment with her. He had been a stubborn and foolish man, letting his pride keep them apart. If he had lost Keisha without ever getting a chance to tell her how he truly felt, he would have never been able to live the rest of his days in peace.

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