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“Just say it. Admit the truth to me, Malcolm. I don’t want some false goodbye letter. You tell me you are picking Keisha over me. Tell me that you don’t love me. That it’s her. That it’s something so special about her that you’re willing to throw away what you have with me. Is she that special to you, Malcolm? Is this thing with Keisha that important?” she asked genuinely. Malcolm saw the glimmer of hope still flickering within her and hated to be the one to snuff it out. He knew that a heartbreak like this would wound Taylor for years to come, but it had to be done.
“She is,” he confirmed.
His words were like the breakdown for Taylor. She clutched her chest and inhaled sharply as her eyes widened. The line between love and hate must have been pencil thin because he saw her mental state change in a heartbeat. Her eyes went so cold that her stare sent chills down his spine. Tears fell down her cheeks, immediately pressing Malcolm’s guilt button.
“Don’t,” Malcolm whispered. He hated to see her cry, especially over him. He didn’t deserve her tears and he had to place his hands in his pockets to stop himself from reaching out to console her. He didn’t want to extend a false sense of hope for Taylor. This was over. He couldn’t be her shoulder to cry on. It was a shame because Taylor was exquisite. She was the perfect woman…for someone else. Malcolm preferred something perfectly flawed…imperfectly accurate…Keisha. That was the only woman who could counter him. He cleared his throat and said, “I really am so sorry, Taylor.”
Taylor opened a flap on her Birkin and removed a handkerchief. She dabbed at her tears as she responded. “No Malcolm, you’re not sorry, but you will be.” She turned on her Louboutins and began to walk away. Malcolm turned, but the sound of her voice caused him to gaze back at her. “Malcolm?”
He didn’t respond but once his attention was hers she continued, “Once that helicopter lifts into the sky you are dead to me. You’ve never been held accountable for the way you’ve treated anyone. With your…good looks…your prestige…your charm. You have your way with women and then you toss them away, but there is a price to pay for breaking my heart, Malcolm, and I’m warning you that it’s a hefty one. So I hope your little,” Taylor paused as she motioned towards the helicopter where Keisha was sitting, “tramp…”

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