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“Taylor,” he said sternly, warning her not to continue. All it took was the tone of his voice to put her in check and bring an end to her little rant. She scoffed then smirked in disgust, jealousy written all over her face.
“So protective over her,” Taylor mocked. “You never defended me that way,” she said. “Hope she’s worth it.”
Her words injured him but he nodded in understanding as he watched her strut her meanest walk out of his life.
His conscience was guilt ridden until he turned to see the lady that he had sacrificed it all for. Keisha sat gazing sympathetically down at him. He climbed into the helicopter and patted the pilot on the shoulder.
“Let’s get it in the air,” Malcolm said, clearly exasperated.
“I’m sorry that you had to do that,” Keisha said as he sat down beside her.
He gripped her hand tightly and gazed out of the window as the chopper lifted into the turquoise sky. They suddenly had the best view in Atlanta as they ascended over it.
“I’ve got to handle some business in the Bahamas, but how about we take off after that, run away together for the entire summer. I think we both could use a getaway,” he said surely.
“I’d like that,” Keisha concurred. “Business first and then lots of pleasure later.” Keisha was giddy with excitement but she held it in, keeping her poker face in tact so that Malcolm wouldn’t know just how smitten she was. They were about to embark on a summer of love as they explored the world and became reacquainted with one another. It was an unconventional way to reunite. Only Keisha could be so lucky to be flown around the globe in the lap of luxury. Keisha had expensive tastes and Malcolm was just the man to fulfill all her desires…mentally, physically, and emotionally. It just so happened that financially he obliged her as well. It was a perk that she was inclined to accept.
I’m a lucky girl, she thought.

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