Mob Wives: New Blood Episode 2 Recap: Dead Silence


Alicia has decided to confront Renee over some of the information she’s gleaned from the wiretaps. “Rule number one, don’t listen to the wire taps!” Renee says. “Because you’re gonna find s— you weren’t looking for.”

Alicia tells Renee she heard Carla Marino on the tapes talking to Eddie, and worse than that, she heard Renee on the tapes too. Renee’s face when she hears this:
“What the f— am I doing on her husband’s tapes?” Renee asks. Alicia gives Renee the details of the call — it wasn’t her VOICE on the tapes so much as a reference to her, from when Eddie made dinner plans with Carla, who happened to mention she was with Renee at the moment. Alicia grills Renee about how many times this happened that Eddie took her and Carla to dinner.

“Why are you making me feel like I did something wrong when I did nothing?” Renee asks. Alicia wants to know to find out more about Eddie and Carla’s relationship, and Renee explains “Do you really think I’m gonna rat on anybody?”

Alicia has a right to be upset but at this point it seems like her anger and frustration might be misdirected. Unfortunately she leaves the conversation unsatisfied. “I think Renee’s full of s— right now.”

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