Black Ink Crew Episode 12: Ceaser And Dutchess Are Done


Tonight’s Black Ink Crew delivered a harsh reality check in the form of a profanity-laden speech from Walt and Dutchess‘ heart condition reminding us all of our own mortality. It’s interesting that Walt, who once was drowning his sorrows in Hennessy before noon, would be the one to bring O’S**t back to Earth, but when he’s blowing off meetings with the one person who can keep him out of prison, we’ll take what we can get.

As for the rest of the group… they’re in Jamaica! It’s supposed to be all sun, sand and rum punch, right? Not exactly.

R.I.P. Ceaser And Dutch

Black Ink Crew Ceaser and Dutchess

The first couple of Black Ink is no more, as Ceaser left his girl to cry alone in the bathroom after her presumed negativity finally got the best of him. Dutchess proceeded to call for her mother and high-tail it to the airport, before succumbing to that heart condition she’s only hinted about this season. It was tough to see the genuine pain in her eyes–especially when she realized that it was very likely none of the wedding guests would come to her defense. Was Ceaser wrong to choose that specific moment to air his grievances, or was this a long time coming?

But what will they do about those matching tattoos? Until we have answers–or, until next week’s finale–let’s look back on the couple that was:

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