Amina Talks About Her New EP Which Comes Out Today, And Her Dream Collaborators



Amina Buddafly‘s personal life makes for great TV on Love & Hip Hop, but there’s no denying that when you strip away her relationship drama, at her core she’s an artist worth listening to. Her latest EP, “I Am, Part II” has hit iTunes today and it features several songs that fans of the show have already gotten to hear in bits and pieces. We spoke to Amina recently about the album, so read on to hear what she says about her music, and take a peek at the album cover below.

Amina told us that the demand for her music from fans has been pretty high, so she pulled these eight songs together to be released independently (the entire album is a pretty grassroots effort, she wrote every song herself as well), but fans can look for a full-length album next year. “Most of [the songs on the EP] I sang on Love & Hip Hop, I think I sang five or six of them on the show so that’s really cool, people already know the songs even though they’re not out yet. A lot of the songs came about during and because of filming. A lot of them wouldn’t exist without the show.”

Amina’s been working solo lately, but she tells us that her goal is “working with my sisters again,” as in, getting Black Buddafly back together. “I miss them so much, I want to do music with them again, that would make me so happy to do another project with them.” Her other dream collaborations are pretty surprising, she tells us she’s also a jazz lover, so she dreams of working with jazz pianist Joe Sample, she’d love to write songs with Ne-Yo, and she’s a huge admirer of Sia and Sara Bareilles.

Check out Amina’s album on iTunes, or if you’re more non-committal, listen to some of her songs here first.

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