What Were The Biggest Trends Of 2013?


From catchphrases to hairstyles to the emergence of the side wife, 2013 was a year full of new trends. In this list, the VH1 staff has taken a look back at some of the craziest behavior, the silliest insults and the most popular looks of the year to bring you the biggest trends of 2013 from all your favorite VH1 shows. Bad idea tattoos? Check. Marrying your side piece? Check. Calling anyone and everyone “ratchet”? Check! Read on to see the rest of the list.


We think Nicki Minaj started this one when she called out Kirk Frost‘s cheating behavior as “cornball,” but the term caught on, especially in reference to Rich Dollaz. Seems like everyone — K.Michelle, Cyn Santana, and especially Nya Lee — have called Rich a cornball or corny at some point this year. — Liz Black

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