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Meet Your Newest Tweethearts, The Cast Of Love And Hip Hop

Love And Hip Hop Tweets

It’s a whole new cast (mostly) on Love And Hip Hop this season, and we thought you’d like to get to know some of these folks a little better off-screen as well as on. So, as we do for some of our more social casts, we’re bringing you our favorite tweets written by the cast as they watched the season premiere of their show last night. There’s a lot of divided loyalty on this show, so read the tweets to get a sense of who’s on which team. (Personally we are Team Omere Harris, the cutest baby in the world, but sadly he doesn’t have a Twitter account yet…Yandy and Mandeecees, please get on that!)

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And be sure to follow the cast on Twitter to see more of their updates, you can find all of their Twitter handles right here in our VH1 Love And Hip Hop NY members list.

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Black Ink Crew – Episode 1 – Dirty Deeds

Black Ink Crew
Welcome to Harlem, USA, home of the Black Ink Crew. On tonight’s premiere episode, we head uptown to meet some of the “coolest people in the world” who also happen to be responsible for some of the most elaborate and skillful tattoo designs in New York. Black Ink is kinda like the Olive Garden: when you’re here, you’re family. Let’s meet them all and then get down to business. Read more…


Love And Hip Hop – Episode 1 – Friend Or Foe?

“Y’all want to play games. I wanted to tan,” said Tahiry.

Love and Hip Hop took the third season back to its roots in New York City. Veterans Yandy, Erica, Rich and Olivia dominate the first episode with the storyline of a couple new additions sprinkled in like Mendeecees Harris, Yandy’s boyfriend. Rapper Joe Budden and video vixen Tahiry are exes working to rebuild their friendship. Jen The Pen, Consequence, Raqi, Lore’l, Winter Ramos and Rashidah Ali are also among the freshman class this season. When love and hip-hop are involved drama is bound to ensue. Read more…

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Yandy Smith On Season Three Of Love And Hip Hop, Why People Thought She Was In Love With Jim Jones, And Missing Her Girl Kimbella

Yandy Smith Love And Hip Hop

For all the drama that Yandy Smith found herself in the middle of last season on Love And Hip Hop, it’s a wonder that she agreed to come back for another year. But Yandy’s changed her perspective and in this new interview, she explains that while last season, she was all business, this time around, she’s back to show off way more of her family life and it’s a whole new side of Yandy on season three. Below, we’ve pulled out our favorite soundbites in which she explains why she chose to show off her baby and boyfriend this time around, the reason she thinks people thought she and Jim Jones were actually involved romantically, and why she’s gonna miss her Puuud, Kimbella, who isn’t returning to the series.

On the biggest difference between season two Yandy and season three Yandy: Last season I was completely closed and I didn’t want any of my personal life (no mom, no dad, no man, nothing) on the show. Honestly, the reason why I did the show is because I wanted to give a message to people out there, women, men, whoever…there are some of us who are independent of a man who have built a career in this industry or done well for themselves independently of someone else’s career…This season you see more of my family and what we go through being in the business and all that stuff.

On why she thinks fans assumed she was romantically involved with Jim Jones: People assumed last season, and I realized, that because I didn’t have a boyfriend on the show and it is Love and Hip Hop, people assumed that I was in love with Jim or wanted to be with him. It was so confusing and mind-boggling because we were so professional in real life and on the show and I couldn’t understand why people thought that. I guess if they don’t see you with anybody, they assume you’re with nobody. Because I was coming home every night to Mandeecees so it’s like, what are they talking about. Do they know what I got at home? I felt it was important to let people know, “Let me check all y’all that thought something differently, here it is.”

On missing her BFF, Kimbella, who is no longer on the series
: I miss her on the show. We talk everyday…on the show, having a comrade and confidant I can go to if things are going on. Again, on the show I can’t bring someone who’s not a cast member to talk about things on the show. Having a close friend on the show is good because I can go to her and say, “Me and this person just got into it, what do you think?” I’m still close with Olivia, but being that Kim’s not on it, I can’t go to her with certain issues that are happening on the show.

On why she chose to return for another season, after all the fighting she faced last season: When I thought about what it’s done for my EGL brand, I was like “Why wouldn’t I?” When I thought about how its a commercial to promote whatever you have (your nails, hair, clothing or jewelry line), this show airs three to four times a day every day a week, you would be a fool not to take advantage of all those marketing tools and dollars that could be spent. And I felt there was nothing more to think about when I thought of it from that spectrum.

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Black Ink Crew Episode One Sneak Peek: The Coolest F—ing People In The World

Just who’s a part of the Black Ink Crew? Only “the coolest f—ing people in the world,” according to Dutchess, one of the tattoo artists at the Black Ink shop and a member of said crew.

In this sneak peek from tonight’s premiere episode, meet Dutchess, Ceaser, O’S**t, Puma, Sassy, and the rest of the gang from the shop and tune in at 9 p.m. ET/PT to watch the show and find out why Black Ink means more than just the ink, it’s a family.
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VH1 Blog Exclusive: Love Majewski’s Favorite And Least Favorite Things About The Mob Wives Season Opener

Love Majewski Recaps Mob Wives
This season, the VH1 Blog is lucky enough to have the participation of the Mob Wives cast who will be commenting on every episode of the show. This week, we’re excited to have newcomer Love Majewski here to give us her thoughts on the premiere episode, complete with a list of show superlatives, whether they’re her favorite outfits of the week, the funniest quotes, or (in)sincerest moments. And now, Love’s thoughts on episode one. Read more…

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Butter Knives And Big Mouths: Read The Best Mob Wives Cast Members’ Live Tweets From Last Night’s Episode

Mob Wives Tweets
Well, there was no shortage of opinions and issues to be discussed on Twitter last night during the season three premiere of Mob Wives, and the drama is just as hot off-screen as it is on. This season, the contentiousness between Carla and Renee is the center of everything, and Drita and Big Ang (poor Ang with her busted toes) are caught in the middle. Not to mention the fact that we have new and hilarious cast member Love Majewski tossing out one-liners like a hilarious bath salt zombie. So take a peek at what the ladies were saying on Twitter as they watched the show last night for the first time.

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Think You Know Love And Hip Hop? Take Our Mobile Trivia Challenge To Test Your Knowledge

Love And Hip Hop Trivia

After two full seasons of Love And Hip Hop, we’ve learned a lot from these ladies. Like what it means exactly to call someone a “puuud”, or what a “painkiller” is. The question is, do you remember what those terms mean too? Or who said the now famous phrase “still look pretty”? If you think you can remember, we challenge you to take our season two mega quiz to see just how much of a Love And Hip Hop expert you really are. All you have to do is text LOVEHIPHOP to 22422 to have the quiz sent to your phone*. Go ahead. Take the quiz and tune in tonight for the season three premiere at 8 p.m. ET/PT!

*Standard messaging and data rates apply.

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Making Mr. Right Series Premiere – Let The Mind Games Begin

Making Mr. Right

Welcome to Making Mr. Right. The show where three matchmakers mold an eager group of men into the perfect guy…for them. Yup, you guessed it, the women aren’t really matchmakers, but just tired of waiting until it’s too late to find out the dirty truth about the men they date. Every woman on the planet (and probably most men) have at least thought about snooping whether via social media or IRL to find out if their partner is hiding something. Typically this behavior would be a major red flag for any guy, but this is reality television so instead of giving the ladies a gentle warning, we not only encourage, but are thrilled with any and all spying, snooping, and sneaky behavior. First we meet the ladies. Read more…