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For What It’s Worth To Premiere On VH1 Classic On February 21st

For What It's Worth VH1 Classic
At last, a show for those of us who love Antiques Roadshow and Storage Wars, but always wished for cooler, more pop-culture-y memorabilia and treasures to be shown. VH1 Classic is excited to announce For What It’s Worth, a brand new series hosted by Gary Dell’Abate and Jon Hein which will dig up pop culture treasures — old albums, collectible figurines, all the way down the line to antique locks of celebrity hair — and discuss their significance and value in glorious, geeky detail.

For more information about the new series, which premieres on Thursday, February 21, read the press release below.

Hosts Gary Dell’Abate and Jon Hein Explore World of Pop Culture Collectors
Premieres Thursday, February 21st at 10 PM on VH1 Classic
NEW YORK (January 25, 2013) – Blow the dust off your old vinyl because VH1 Classic is digging through pop culture collectibles with hosts Gary Dell’Abate and Jon Hein, to find out what they’re really worth in the new series, “For What It’s Worth.” Premiering Thursday, February 21st at 10 PM on VH1 Classic, “For What It’s Worth” will explore the intricate world of music and pop culture memorabilia, and the mind of “The Collector.” Read more…

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Mob Wives Episode 4 Sneak Peek: Gonna Go Crazy

Karen‘s ex-boyfriend Dave is in hot water this week on Mob Wives. As if it wasn’t bad enough that he’s been dating a new woman and bringing her around to the house he lives in (the house which Karen owns), Karen has learned that this new gal left a g-string in their daughter’s bedroom. Not acceptable. In this sneak peek from next Sunday’s show, Karen confronts Dave on the phone to find out more about the new lady in his life, and Dave gets defensive and calls Karen insecure. Her response? “Nah, motherf—er, I’m not having it.” Tell him, girl.

Mob Wives will be airing at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Sunday nights from now on, so don’t forget to adjust your viewing/DVR schedule!
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[WATCH] Renee Says Goodbye To Junior: Burn In Hell, Motherf—er

After suffering at his hands, both physically and emotionally, for years, Renee Graziano has finally gotten Junior out of her life. In this week’s episode of Mob Wives, we watched Renee’s final journey take place after receiving a threatening letter from her ex, which prompts her to burn every last reminder of him and move out of the home that they shared. Watch our supercut of Renee’s evolution as she tells Junior exactly where he can go.
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Throwback Thursday: La La And Dice Go Glam For Prom

Throwback Thursday La La And Dice

We all know that La La Anthony can look stylish and gorgeous no matter what she does, but we’re not always used to seeing her cousin, Dice Dixon, all decked out. In this photos from their high school days, La La writes “Tbt look at @dice3029 !!!! #memories” and we had to do a triple take to make sure that was Dice standing right next to La, posing for a formal photo. So gorgeous!

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Pic Of The Day: Evelyn And Shaunie Have Some Good Times Filming Basketball Wives

Evelyn Lozada Shaunie O'Neal
Season five of Basketball Wives is still in production, and in case you’re wondering how the ladies will be styled this time around, check out this shot that Evelyn Lozada posted today on Instagram, with the caption “Filming BBW5 yesterday with my boo @shaunieoneal5 – #GoodTimes.” Both she and Shaunie are rocking the long, dark hair, and we’re loving their outfits, too. Judging from the Kitson sign, they must be in L.A. — no way they’d be dressed like that in the 20 degree New York City weather we’re having today.
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Ramona Rizzo And Big Ang Discuss The Realness And Glamour Of Mob Wives On CNN’s Starting Point

Ramona Rizzo and Big Ang hung out with Soledad O’Brien this week on the CNN show Starting Point to discuss the new season of Mob Wives. In the clip above, watch as they defend the realness of their fights with one another, and also discuss the glamour and fame that’s come along with being on the show. As you all know, the Drunken Monkey has now reached unofficial landmark status on Staten Island, and Big Ang explains that her fans, “they come in busloads from Philadelphia Sunday nights,” and if she’s not in the bar, her bartenders have to call her at home to tell her to come down there to make an appearance. “It’s nice,” she says. “They come with presents.”

Watch the clip above to see what the ladies say about season three and to find out what Ramona says are her limits to what she would never reveal on the show.
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Love And Hip Hop Episode 4 Sneak Peek: Erica Vs. Olivia, Round Two

Last week at Yandy‘s Everything Girls Love party, Erica came at Olivia with some serious attitude and caused a bit of a scene. Fortunately, she realizes that maybe that was the wrong thing to do, so she calls up Liv to apologize. But of course, Erica can’t just let things lie, especially when it comes to Rich. But then again, neither can Olivia. “Rich is my friend, Rich has always been my best friend,” Olivia says, “and he doesn’t really believe that you’re dope.” So much for that apology working out.

Love And Hip Hop airs Monday night at 8 p.m. ET/PT.
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Check Out Photos Of Draya Michele Celebrating Her Birthday With Chris Brown, Karrueche, And More

Draya Michele Basketball Wives Birthday
Last night, Basketball Wives L.A. star Draya Michele got all decked out to celebrate her birthday with some friends. First off, let us just point out how crazy this woman’s body is, especially wen it’s on view in a dress as sexy as this one. Then let’s point out all the friends that came out to help her celebrate her day, including former couple Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran (whom Draya has discussed in the past, explaining that while she herself dated Chris, “[Karrueche] and I are friends more than him and I are friends.“). Also there to toast Draya were Rob Kardashian, Tyga, and many more of Draya’s best pals. Check out pics of everyone (and some shots of Draya’s dress from all sides) in our gallery below.

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Making Mr. Right Episode 4 – It’s A Conspiracy!

Making Mr. Right

It’s week four in the Making Mr. Right house and the guys are getting suspicious of the “matchmakers.” Lamarr questions whether Lindsay is even old enough to be a matchmaker and once he does, the conspiracy theories run rampant. Murphy hits the nail directly on the head in his suggestion that “it seems like April is a legit matchmaker and then she has these three undercover daters .” The girls realize it is time to step up their acting game and distance themselves from the guys as much as they can to convince them that their conspiracy theories are not rooted in fact whatsoever. Read more…

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Don’t Smash That Watch — Mob Wives Is Moving To A New Time Slot, 10 PM ET/PT On Sundays

Mob Wives Moves To 10 p.m.

Don’t adjust your watch (or smash it to pieces like Junior did with his wire-tapped timepiece), but DO re-set your DVR’s: Mob Wives is making a leap to 10 p.m. ET/PT on Sunday nights. The series will make the move starting with this Sunday‘s episode, and will take a break on Sunday February 3rd for the Super Bowl. After that, it will return the following Sunday at 10 p.m.