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VH1 Blog Exclusive: Big Ang Recaps Last Night’s Mob Wives

Big Ang Recaps Mob Wives
This season, the VH1 Blog is lucky enough to have the participation of the Mob Wives cast who will be commenting on every episode of the show. This week it’s Big Ang‘s turn to give us her thoughts on the show, and as always, she’s the queen of positivity, good times, and she’s not afraid to commend her friends on a good tan. Her recap of last night’s show just proves how much she supports of all her girls, but of course she has to throw in a few references to hot guys and the Drunken Monkey — it wouldn’t be a Big Ang recap without those.

I honestly think it’s a good thing that Drita is taking the kids to see Lee. How cute are her girls by the way?On a side note, did you notice Drita’s tan when she was talking to Aleeya? I LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!!! You could never be too tanned! Read more…

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Check Out Photos Of Black Ink Crew‘s Resident Hippie Rock Star, Puma

Puma Black Ink Crew

Having a four-month-old daughter isn’t about to make Black Ink Crew star Puma change his laid-back attitude. When I met him recently, I asked him to describe himself and he told me “Hippie rock star life, man. I’m the cool hippie.” Puma is a relative newcomer to being a TV star, and that combined with his cool hippie attitude means nothing has gone to his head, he’s just happy to be here and he’s enjoying every second of his new fame. “It’s awesome!” he says when I ask how life has changed for him since the show debuted. “People just notice me for my hair and they’re like, oh my God, it’s Puma!” He has one complaint about fame, though. “I can’t order in Burger King anymore.” Can someone please get this guy a Whopper?

Below the jump, check out a few more shots of Puma and tune in to Black Ink Crew on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT to see even more of him. Read more…

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“The Sky Isn’t The Limit”: Black Ink Crew Star Sassy Shows Off Her Signature From Head To Toe

Sassy Black Ink Crew
Confession: we’re obsessed with Sassy from Black Ink Crew and we can’t really take our eyes off these photos that were taken when she and the rest of the cast visited the VH1 offices last week. Sassy (real name: Ashley) is a New Jersey native who’s lived in Harlem for a decade, and when we hung out, we talked about style, the significance of UFOs and her signature Mohawk. Read more…


Watch The Exclusive Red Band Trailer For Movie 43!

Just in time for Martin Luther King Day, we have for you an exclusive red band trailer of the movie specifically designed to offend people of all races, creeds and sexual orientation, Movie 43. In the most hilarious way, of course, because that was MLK Jr.’s dream, right? When the first trailer came out, we pointed out the things we couldn’t help but laugh at, even though we knew we really shouldn’t. This new trailer includes many of those again — Anna Faris‘ indecent proposal to Chris Pratt, Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber bullying their home-schooled teen, Terrence Howard’s totally racist basketball coaching technique — and a couple of other gems, namely:

  • Kieran Culkin and Emma Stone debating which of the Golden Girls was “the slutty one.”
  • Elizabeth Banks pointing out to Josh Duhamel that their cartoon cat masturbates to pictures of him.

Josh Duhamel in Movie 43
Ew. But jeez, can you blame him?

[Photo: Relativity Media]

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Prison Visits And Pyromania: The Best Mob Wives Tweets Of The Night

Mob Wives Tweets Of The Night
Last night on Twitter, the women of Mob Wives were especially chatty, but they were also especially sweet to one another, especially when it came to each others’ kids. While most of the women were quick to offer their support to Renee, who came to the tough decision to enter rehab, everyone, including Ramona and Karen, also rallied behind Drita and her daughters as they prepared to visit Lee in jail. And then there was Big Ang who hilariously informs us that after she filmed her scene at the car wash, her car backed into a pole. Read all the best tweets right here.

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Jessie Ware Credits Love And Hip Hop For Making Her Seem Cool In Front Of The Roots

This week’s episode of Love And Hip Hop featured a scene in which Jen and Consequence put their differences aside to celebrate their son’s first birthday, a scene that was scored by up-and-coming British soul chanteuse Jessie Ware‘s “Wildest Moments.” We caught up with Ware in New York City earlier this morning here at our Times Square headquarters, less than 12 hours after Ware performed a stunning set in front of a sold-out audience at New York City’s Bowery Ballroom. During our conversation, she confessed how the song’s placement in Love And Hip Hop gave her instant cred with the legendary Roots crew.

“[On Wednesday night], I did Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,” she explained. “I was rehearsing ‘Wildest Moments’ with The Roots, and they said, ‘Oh yeah, we love this song.’ And I was like, ‘You don’t know this song, how have you heard it?’ And they went, ‘We heard it on Love And Hip Hop, it’s really cool.’ And I was like, ‘Thank you VH1, The Roots think I’m cool!'”

So there you have it! Be sure and check out VH1 Tuner for more with the fabulous Jessie Ware, and while you’re at it, take a listen to her new EP If You’re Never Gonna Move (Cherrytree/Interscope), in stores now! And, as always, to find out more about the songs that are featured in each and every episode of our shows, bookmark our As Heard On blog today.
Read more…

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Black Ink Crew Episode 3 Sneak Peek: Ceaser’s Losing Control

In this brand new sneak peek from Monday’s Black Ink Crew, Ceaser starts to realize that firing O’S**t might have been a mistake after all. After several clients come in looking for him and Ceaser has to turn them all away, Puma tries to make Ceaser realize that “maybe they need to talk.” But will Ceaser listen?

Black Ink Crew airs Monday night at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Read more…

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“I Could Drop Her Just By Spitting On Her”: Drita Guests On Watch What Happens Live And Says She Could Take Any Of The Real Housewives

Last night, Drita D’Avanzo joined Andy Cohen and George Takei for one of the more random yet still hilarious episodes of Watch What Happens Live on Bravo, and the Mob Wives star brought the hilarity to the show, while also discussing which Real Housewives stars she could take in a fight, and what words of wisdom she has for Teresa Giudice.

In the clip above, a caller asks Drita what advice she’d give to Giudice, should her husband end up in prison like Drita’s. Drita got serious for a second, saying “[Don’t] think for one minute that it’s going to be easy, whatsoever, especially ’cause she has kids.” And as for bringing kids to prison, as we’ll see Drita do in upcoming episodes of Mob Wives, she says she brought Aleeyah to prison during Lee’s first bid, but on his second time around, she held back, explaining “You go to jail again, I’m not coming to see you, you don’t deserve it…It’s not a place for kids.”

Later on the show, the highlight for us came when Cohen had a game for Drita called “Can Drita Beat Her?” and asked her how she thinks she’d fare in hand to hand combat with the various ladies of the Real Housewives franchises. Her hilarious answers are after the jump. Read more…