Mob Wives: New Blood Episode 5: Cuckoo For Cocoa Puffs


The next day, Renee is feeling a hundred times better and admits that getting physical with Natalie was a bad idea. But she’s still angry at her and still holds a grudge. But to put her in a better mood, the girls go to the Mob history attraction in Vegas to have some fun, and Renee is loving it, mainly because Natalie isn’t there. During the visit, Renee pulls Drita aside to vent more about Natalie, and when Drita applauds Natalie for standing up for herself, Renee gets annoyed that Drita’s not “100% in her corner.”

“She pushed every single button I have yesterday,” Renee says. “You wanna nose-to-nose me and dare me? What do you think I am, a punk? Do you think I’m a punk?”

“Renee, look,” Drita tells her, “You both can move past this…Just put it behind you and start from fresh.”

“I’ll handle her the way I f—ing want to,” Renee says.

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