Love & Hip Hop Episode 9 Recap: You Don’t Run S**t


When one option does not work out for Peter Gunz, he seems to think that another one will come crawling back. The thing is, he’s not wrong. This week, after realizing that Amina was not ready to forgive him (she even threw her wedding ring IN THE TRASH), he went back to Tara to ask her for forgiveness and ask if he could move back in with her and their two sons. She’s not having it, and tells him as much. “You still love me and you want me to move in with you and the boys,” he says. “No, I don’t. You can move in with your wife,” she responds. So, since Tara is done with him for real, he turned his attention back to Amina and, as you can see, he managed to actually win her over.

Peter calls his friend Dave to help him show the world how he feels about Amina, and when the moment is right, Dave pulls the switch on the old Jumbotron to project a message to Amina:
I Love U Mrs Pankey
What follows was the most touching Flickr slideshow Amina has ever seen. She cries and takes him back, hoping that he won’t make her out to be a fool.

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