Mob Wives: New Blood Episode 6 Recap: All We Need Is Girls In G-Strings To Be Happy


The stress-free girls’ trip to Vegas has not gone quite as planned for the ladies of Mob Wives because, Drita says, “Natalie and Renee tried to kill each other.” And unfortunately, Renee isn’t feeling the rest of the girls either because she feels like they’ve chosen Natalie’s side in all of this.

Natalie is just trying to have fun with the girls on the trip, saying “Whatever happened between Renee and I stays between Renee and I’m not going to ruin anyone else’s vacation and throw a tantrum.” But Renee has not taken the no-tantrum vow. She calls Ang, Drita, and Alicia “two-faced,” and wonders how her friends can cavort with the enemy at the racetrack when their loyalty should be with her. Since no one throws the word “loyalty” around lightly on this show, you should know what a big deal this is. Ang sure does, and she gets angry that Renee questions her. “She wants to question my f—ing loyalty? I don’t think so. Now you’re crossing the f—ing line.”

It’s not about loyalty, Alicia explains. “It’s a question of right or wrong, and Renee’s clearly wrong.” Renee wonders why everyone went from criticizing Natalie and not liking her to all of a sudden being on her side. “Why, because I put her in a f—ing headlock? Now you feel bad for the bitch? Oh no, that’s not the way this motherf—er works.”

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