Mob Wives: New Blood Episode 6 Recap: All We Need Is Girls In G-Strings To Be Happy


Renee AJ
“What do you think Renee’s doing right now?” Alicia asks at dinner.

Cut to Renee in their suite, on the phone with her son, AJ. She tearfully tells AJ that she’s falling apart and she’s angry at herself for letting things with Natalie get so bad. “Let it go,” he tells her over and over.

After she hangs up with AJ, Renee appears to storm off in search of Natalie, but when she finds her, they sit and she admits “I can’t pretty much remember a lot of yesterday.”

“You came after me,” Natalie tells her. And then Natalie tells Renee that she attempted to apologize multiple times over the “delicious” comment but Renee didn’t want to hear it. Renee listens to everything Natalie says, about feeling disrespected and hurt by Renee’s actions, and Renee finally apologizes. “YOu know, Natalie, in all honesty, I’m really sorry for yesterday. Was I wrong for raising my hands? 100%. So forgive me.”

“You hurt me. I hurt you. We went to a dark place and it shouldn’t have got there,” Natalie says. “I do forgive you. And I do accept your apology.”

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