Mob Wives: New Blood Episode 6 Recap: All We Need Is Girls In G-Strings To Be Happy


After Renee and Natalie make up, the rest of the women return from dinner and they all decide to go out together to the strip club. “We gambled. We had a brawl. And now we’re going to a strip club. REAL WOMEN!” Drita jokes.

“We’re gonna make it rain like it never rained before!” Natalie says at the club. And then she gets in on the lap dance action and hops on top of Alicia. “Natalie dresses just like a stripper,” Drita comments. “Go look up ‘stripper, 1985,’ same outfit…Nasty Nat, out on the stage.”
Natalie Stripper

Renee, who has sworn off pills and booze for the rest of the trip, decided to find her kicks on the stripper pole, so she hops up on stage. “Party Renee is on the scene!”
Renee Strips
“After this, I need a truckload of Hail Marys!” she says.

“Who would think, all we needed was girls in g-strings to be happy?” Drita says, explaining that this, their last night in Sin City, was the best night of the trip. And now it’s almost over.

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