Mob Wives: New Blood Episode 6 Recap: All We Need Is Girls In G-Strings To Be Happy


Alicia’s husband Eddie is up for sentencing soon and she’s spend all of her time trying not to think about worst case scenarios. She’s scared to think about what might happen if he gets a harsh sentence and, worse still, what will happen if she’s also sentenced and her children are left without their parents. The day before his sentencing, Alicia is in a panic because she’s unable to get in touch with anyone, Eddie, his lawyers, no one is answering her calls.

Renee meets with Alicia for lunch to find out the latest and as soon as Alicia arrives, she can tell something’s up. “I know this face all too well, it’s not good news.”

Edward’s sentencing, it turns out, was postponed. “I want to cry, I want to scream, I just feel so helpless,” Alicia says. She’s willing to move past the lying and cheating she discovered on those wire taps and at this point, she’s just desperate to have her husband back. She breaks down in front of Renee, who knows exactly what she’s going through, and Renee coaches her to let her guard down and show some emotion. It’s difficult enough to go through this, but it’s made worse by the fact that Alicia is keeping it all in and not talking to her family about it.

“We gotta be as strong as stone,” Renee tells her. “You’re not alone.”

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