Love & Hip Hop Episode 10 Recap: Typical, Foolish Men


But so far, there are no answers…But before we get into that, let’s discuss the rest of this week’s Love & Hip Hop episode.

Even though she only just hooked up with Peter recently, Tara now seems officially done with the old Gunz and she’s moving on. When she meets with Yandy and K.Michelle, she tells them she has a date with one of the men she met at Yandy’s audition last week. “Tara! You dirty dog,” Yandy says. K and Yandy want to give Tara a super-sexy makeover (in the style of “trashy Heidi Klum”) to celebrate her newfound liberation as a single woman and she’s totally down. The end result:

Tara Heidi Klum

Since Tara’s date, Aaron, has a twin brother named Andrew, she invites K.Michelle to join her as a wing-woman and help make the situation less awkward. The date is a stunt class, so like, falling and jumping from great heights onto rubber mats. K’s reaction? “Oh, hell, no.” But when it’s Andrew’s turn to take a fall, she does get into the spirit, telling him “You should do it with no shirt on.” She likes what she sees and explains “He got all that up there — I wonder how that sausage looking.”

While K sizes up her date, it turns out that Tara’s date is actually going well, and she and Aaron hit it off. They snuggle and plan a second date.

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