Love & Hip Hop Episode 10 Recap: Typical, Foolish Men


Tahiry is one of Rashidah’s bridesmaids, but she’s been so wrapped up in her own life that she hasn’t fulfilled any wedding duties lately. So when she meets with Rah to catch up, Rashidah is ready to dish some tough love. Not only is she past the point where she wants to talk wedding details, she’s actually ready to hit Tahiry where it hurts with some unsolicited love advice. Rah has noticed how Tahiry gets sucked into a repetitive pattern with Joe, and she tells Tahiry maybe she should grow up and stop doing so much booty modeling. “Are you still doing the same thing at 30-plus years old that you were doing at 20-plus?” she asks Tahiry. Oof.

“I’m sorry, did I walk into the wrong house? I thought Rashidah wanted to talk to me about her wedding,” Tahiry says.

“You post pictures of your ass, not in a tasteful, sexy way,” Rah continues, and as she talks, Tahiry tells her “I’m done,” and starts to leave.

As she walks out the door, Rah calls her a “fake-ass friend.” “You’re nobody’s friend but yourself!” she says. “And you’re not in my wedding no more!”

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