Love & Hip Hop Episode 10 Recap: Typical, Foolish Men


When Rich and Peter last saw each other, Peter gave Rich an ultimatum — Erica or him. Peter was no fan of Erica’s especially after she lobbed a plate at his head upon meeting him, and he was not happy that Rich was getting back involved in her career. But Peter missed Rich and the two men get together to make amends. Peter offers his apology first, admitting he should have just left the restaurant rather than letting the fight with Erica escalate. As his own peace offering, Rich offers Peter a DJ gig and then tells him he’s working with Jessica, which causes Peter to raise his eyebrows. “Talk to me, man,” Peter says. “Are we in another situation? Business and pleasure again?” At least Peter has the sense to look out for his friend if he can’t actually keep his own record clean.

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