Love & Hip Hop Episode 10 Recap: Typical, Foolish Men


At the launch party for Dollaz Unlimited Models, Rich shows up with Jessica and — how could this possibly go wrong? — Erica is also there. She saw that the party was happening through Rich’s Instagram, and she also noticed he “conveniently left [her] off the guest list.” So of course she shows up. “So I walk into this party and I see this call girl rubbing up on him,” she begins. “I mean, come on Rich, do you really have to find bitches in lost dog ads to get laid?”

Rich and Jessica are sitting with each other and Erica approaches and after a few subliminal and not so subliminal jabs between Erica and Jessica, Erica walks away and Rich follows her. “Even if she got her weave done, her teeth fixed, and traded her Payless shoes for red bottoms, she still couldn’t be half the bitch that I am,” Erica says. “Stop fooling yourself and get back down on your knees, bitch.” Erica tells Rich to teach Jessica how to play her position as his #2 woman and “respect the breadwinner,” and when Jessica shows up and gets lippy with Erica, that drink manages to find its way from Erica’s hand to Jessica’s general direction.

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