Love & Hip Hop Episode 10 Recap: Typical, Foolish Men


Erica tells Rich he’s wasting his time with an Erica Mena wannabe, but the night has proven that Erica is done with Rich and ready to move on, exclusively, to Cyn. “I have no idea why I get so angry when it comes to this stupid fool…It’s clear that she loves me more than he can ever love me.”

“Admit you love me and do what you gotta do, or leave me the f— alone,” Erica tells Rich and she hoofs it out. Shockingly, even though Rich is always telling Erica to quit her crazy, spazzy ways, this sparks something in him to “man up” and be the man she’s always asking him to be. He confides to Yandy that he’s in love with Erica and Yandy asks incredulously, “You’re ready to be in a committed relationship with Erica Mena?”


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