Love & Hip Hop Episode 11 Recap: Grand Gestures


“Will you marry me?”

“Love is trust. And I don’t trust you right now.”

“That’s a no,” Joe realizes, after Tahiry responds to his proposal with a list of reasons she doesn’t feel right about him at this moment. From the foundation on his pillowcase to all of their other trust issues, Tahiry is still wary of him, and she explains, “Sure, I wanted a grand gesture. But not a marriage proposal. It’s either zero or a hundred with this man.”

“Tahiry and I are meant to be together,” Joe says, meaning that even though that’s a no, he’s not willing to take no for an answer. “If that means I have to wait, then wait it is.”

It was a hard decision for Tahiry to make, given that Joe is what she’s always wanted, but for better or worse, at least she had her whole family watching from the sidelines and after Joe leaves her alone in Times Square, she’s not actually alone, they’re all there to comfort her.

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