Love & Hip Hop Episode 11 Recap: Grand Gestures


Erica Mena is an accomplished author, as you may know, and on the eve of the launch of her second book, she throws a party for everyone that’s important to her. Like Rich! And Cyn!

Erica is happy to see Rich there even after their awkward dinner where he professed his love. But as much as Erica swears she’s done with Rich and his efforts are futile, she always LOOKS so happy to see him, doesn’t she? “I can’t ever be fully over you,” she tells him. “I love you to death, no matter who comes into my life.” Hey, speak of the devil, it’s Cyn.

“Hi. Hi. What are we doing?” Cyn asks when she sees Erica smiling and holding Rich’s face. “This is not what I came here for.”

Cyn decides to have a one-on-one with Rich to lay things out there. She asks him to respect her relationship with Erica and keep things professional, i.e. no more kissing in the studio. When Erica shows up, Cyn says things are cool, but Rich has been sitting there silently, waiting for the moment to let loose on Cyn.

“How many times you gonna call me corny?” he asks, and then he calls her a bird that Erica found in the back of XXL, who’s just “borrowing” Erica from him. The torrent he unleashes is cruel and terrible and Erica begs him to stop and kicks him out. She follows him out to have the last word and Rich grabs her and forces himself on her, kissing her face. “You really f—ing tripping,” she tells him and he leaves.

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