Sausages, Peppers And Mob Wives: Watch A Special Clip From The Graziano Sisters’ Cookbook


“I’ll take a sausage ‘n’ peppa ovah here!”

Food is important to the Mob Wives, and it’s an especially big deal in the Graziano home. The three Graziano sisters, Renee, Lana, and Jennifer, have come out with a brand new cookbook, How To Use A Meat Cleaver, and they’re releasing several videos (which you can view on YouTube or as part of the eBook version of the cookbook) that not only feature their kitchen skills, but also fun memories of their childhood. In the clip above, they discuss going to “The Feast” in Little Italy as kids before revealing their recipe for sausage and peppers, which includes onions, olive oil, and doing the bump.

Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of How To Use A Meat Cleaver before February 4th to be entered for a chance to win an in-person cooking demo from the Grazianos in your home!

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