Love & Hip Hop Season Finale Recap: Leave The Old Dreams Behind


Rich has to give Peter the latest and greatest on all the things going on in his life, and when it comes to Erica and Cyn’s relationship, Rich tells his friend “If it’s real, then she’s more of a creep than YOU are. She’s told me a hundred times, ‘If you would just act right, I would cut this relationship off!'” She leaves Rich’s mind a mess because of the games she seems to play with him, especially because, and here’s the big bomb, Rich tells Peter that Erica hosted a party not three days ago, and afterward they left together and smashed.
Rich Smash
“Dollaz told you a long time ago that it was just a matter of time before she came back home. She’s home.”

Peter asks Rich if he would commit to Erica if she broke things off with Cyn, and Rich responds “Clearly, I love her, she loves me. Or we wouldn’t still be here.”

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