Love & Hip Hop Season Finale Recap: Leave The Old Dreams Behind


The friendship between Tahiry and Rashidah has been non-existent ever since their fight over Rashidah’s disappointment in Tahiry over her modeling career. It seemed like an unnecessary jab at Tahiry, maybe born out of Rah’s frustration with Tahiry for being too self-absorbed, and when both women show up to Erica’s music showcase, Tahiry is optimistic that they can move on from it.
That optimism is worthless, because Rashidah is not backing down and doesn’t feel bad about what she said. “You’re doing ghetto urban magazines that are nothing,” Rah tells Tahiry. And all that modeling is no way to land a husband. “I’m showing you how to be somebody’s wife, not to be somebody’s jerkoff moment.”

“I’m very proud of who I am, period,” Tahiry says. She has no regrets.

“You’re a whore,” Rah tells her (former) friend.

“Tell your P.O. to stop sending me letters!” Tahiry retorts.

Tahiry walks out as Rah calls after her “You’re f—ing with a drug addict!” The low blows just keep on coming.

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