Love & Hip Hop Season Finale Recap: Leave The Old Dreams Behind


Erica Dancing
At last, Erica gives her performance, and she kills it. And for one brief moment, Rich and Cyn come together, Rich resting is arm on Cyn’s shoulder as they both watch their girl with pride.
Even though this should be Erica’s night, so far she’s already been overshadowed by Rah and Tahiry. And now, the battle of Rich and Cyn is about to go down. In an effort to talk things through and for Cyn to tell Rich “You’re a grown man and you know that Erica is now with somebody else,” so he should back off. And that’s when Rich explains that Erica’s not always with Cyn. At least, not when she’s f—ing Rich. “If Erica chooses to kiss me, to f— me…” he begins, and Cyn stops him, asking “Who’s f—ing? Why do you keep saying that word?”

“Me and Erica f—ed.”

“What he’s saying better not be true,” Cyn says, and she storms out looking for Erica.

“Let’s play this game, mother f—er!” Rich taunts.

“You let him disrespect me. Always. So now he sits here and tells me y’all still f—ing!” Cyn tells Erica when she finds her backstage.”I cannot deal with this bulls—t.”

Erica asks Cyn to let her go talk to Rich…but she doesn’t deny anything.

“I’m done,” Cyn tells Erica. “I’m done with this bulls—t, I’m done with Rich, I’m not beat for this s—t.”

Erica charges toward Rich begging him for an explanation as to why he would ruin her night in the spotlight. “Let me get a break for once she tells him. “I’m sick of fighting, I’m sick of drama, I’m sick of the bulls—t. I just wanna move the f— on from it!”

“Then God bless you,” Rich tells her.

“Exactly, God bless me,” she says, adding “You don’t make me happy, and it’s ’cause of s—t like this.”

Erica walks away, but Rich is not going to let her or Cyn have the last word.

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