The Love & Hip Hop Reunion: Your 10 Biggest Questions Are Answered


8. What is Tara’s real issue with Amina?

Tara admitted that she and Amina were in the very same situation when they both got into a relationship with Peter Gunz. Peter was actually engaged to another woman when he met Tara, and he told Tara that that relationship was over, just as he told Amina that his relationship with Tara was over. So why then is Tara so angry with Amina? “My issue with Amina is in the message she had to deliver to me. As a woman you know that is the blow of all blows to me. And to deliver it like that lie, okay, I got the box of Froot Loops, I got the freakin’ prize out of it.” Tara then said that Amina entered Peter’s “party bus” knowing full well that it was what it was and she should have taken some responsibility by acknowledging she knew what the situation was by that point.

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