The Writers Of Happy Endings Reveal Their Favorite Jokes From The Show


Writer Jason Berger’s favorite moment was one of the best Max moments of the series. “My favorite moment from the show was this Mary Tyler Moore joke that came out of the joke room,” he says. “We were sorta delirious after a long day in a room with bad lighting and no windows. We were trying to find an open joke area response like for ‘Max, what are you thinking?’ Which there is no greater green light we could’ve had than that joke-wise, and it just organically formed. I remember Matthew Libman’s face lighting up when he realized we could go further with it and then it just became a snowball down a mountain.”

As for the origin of Alex’s now-classic “I’m not as dumb as I am” line, we owe that to Ozeri and Clarke, who wrote the Usual Suspects-themed episode “The Marry Prankster” together. Says Clarke, “Alex’s ‘I’m not as dumb as I am,’ — that Usual Suspects tag is so stupid it almost makes no sense. And that is my highest form of praise.”

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