Basketball Wives LA Episode 2 Recap: Spilling Tea Party


Draya is catching up Malaysia on all the drama from Jackie’s planning meeting for her LGBT event. With the new cast members joining the festivities, the pots were stirred. Ladies were Googled, ladies were name-called. It’s only episode 2 of the season and the wives are already at odds.

Draya fills Malaysia in on the new girls (“Jackie’s friends”) and can’t seem to remember Brittish‘s name — perhaps when Brittish so eloquently asked her if she was a ho she chose to forget it. “That Brittish-name just don’t roll off my tongue. I just remember her as the chubby girl.”

Malaysia seems pleased that she missed the drama, citing that mother hen Jackie is always cooking something up. She “always got something in her big-ass purse.” Then Draya spills that new friend Ariane came to her with some old news about the father of her children, DeShawn Stevenson and how she felt that Draya embellished the relationship that they had all those years ago. Draya and Malaysia end their kiki with a mocking, “So Jackie got a posse now!”


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