Basketball Wives LA Episode 2 Recap: Spilling Tea Party


 Draya in her Indian-looking-Moroccanish garb.

Draya in her Indian-looking-Moroccanish garb.

The main event is Brittish’s Turkish Tea Party. It’s a Mediterranean dress code which since Draya is smart we know is Indian-looking-Moroccanish-no-no-Mediterranean-is-like-Greece. The ladies arrive for the fabulous cultural experience and everyone seems a little disappointed. Jackie wants to know where the camels and the live music are. Draya wants to know where the snake-charmer is. Some of the other ladies want to know where the rest of Draya’s outfit is.

Sundy checking out Draya's Mediterranean look.

Sundy checking out Draya’s Mediterranean look.

Hostess Brittish is pissed when Brandi and Malaysia don’t really acknowledge her when they enter but she grits her teeth and takes it in stride. She and Draya put the “Are you a ho?” situation behind them, sorta. But things get started soon when the whole Google-who/Google-what situation comes up. Brandi tries to put a pin in it insisting to Sundy she was not stalking her.

Don't Google me!

Don’t Google me!

“If you not gonna be the first then I’m gonna be the first to admit I Google so whatever. Google me, bitch.”

“Why did you Google me?” Sundy continues to scream.

Jackie sits in between the two screaming about search engine. Brittish joins in to say that she just knew Brandi was the kinda bitch she wasn’t going to like and that her I’m so “ooh-la-la” attitude is tired. Sundy tries to diffuse the tension by suggesting she and Brandi walk away to have words. Brittish continues to run her mouth and she and Brandi are yelling. Brittish’s heels come off.

“Everybody, get this bitch outta my house!”

You rent this motherf*cka!

You rent this motherf*cka!

“This isn’t your house, you rent this motherf—er.” Something about how Brandi got a flat booty and the tea is spilled alllllll over. Exit Brandi and Malaysia.

Sundy is done.

Sundy is done.

—Damian Bellino

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