The Mob Wives: New Blood Reunion Interview: Alicia Stays True To Herself


Alicia DiMichele Garofalo has been living in a state of limbo for a while now. The perfect life she though she has been living was completely torn apart after she and her husband were arrested and she realized that she had been unknowingly playing a part in his criminal life. Through the course of this season of Mob Wives: New Blood, we’ve seen Alicia stay strong and care for her three sons while she learned that her husband cheated on her and was later sentenced to prison. Now, she still awaits her own sentencing, all the while dealing with the craziness that is being a part of this cast.

Welcome to your first reunion, Alicia! Have you watched any past reunions?


That’s probably for the best.

I’m winging it today.

What did your husband Eddie think of you joining the cast? Did he think his friendship with Renee would make things easier for you?

Eddie was very worried about me joining the show because he knows that I’m not like everyone else. I mean, it’s obvious, and he was very worried because I’m more timid and I grew up differently, so of course he was very nervous about that. But he felt comfortable because he’s known Ang and Renee and even Jennifer [Graziano], for all those years and felt that it would be okay.

The drama about you being in the paper after Vegas and everything that ensued with Renee: What do you believe really happened?

The same thing I believed then, I believe that Renee speaks to people who speak to other people and it gets out. If everything would have stayed between us on every level — and I think that’s the issue with a lot of things that are happening, it’s outside people, people that are communicating with outside people and then it goes to the media or it becomes gossip — that’s how things happen. I don’t feel like she did it intentionally like, thinking that something bad was going to come out of it, but that’s what happened.

How would you describe your relationship today?

Right now, Renee and I are in a good place. I feel like we left things in the past. If anything is to arise or happen again then obviously we can’t continue in our friendship, but I feel like in my conversations with Renee, she admits that se knows that’s where the problem was coming from, like outside parties, and I don’t think that’ll happen anymore. At least I hope not.

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