The Mob Wives: New Blood Reunion Interview: Alicia Stays True To Herself


You had a better time creating friendships with Drita and Ang — did you expect to come out of the show with new friends?

You know what’s funny, I thought that the great friendship I would have would be with Renee, just because she had such a long friendship with my husband. And of course Ang knew my husband. But what was so surprising to me was Drita, everybody could see our friendship developed right on TV. You can’t make that up. What everybody saw was real. We have so much in common, the more and more we filmed, it was just this amazing bond. Even when she came to my house for the first time and she saw my kids, she got all teared up, because she knows what my kids are going through because her daughters went through it. You know what I’m saying? On every level, me and Drita can relate and have a bond and I think that’s why she’s so protective of me, I was probably her three years ago. It’s very special and I’m very thankful. She makes things easier. And with her and Lee, she was able to forgive him and be happy — it’s nice to see that that can happen, so I really appreciate our friendship. And Ang always puts a smile on my face, she’s drama-free, she’s honest, I couldn’t say enough wonderful things about her.

Do you have a favorite moment of the season?

Sunday Funday [when Alicia’s family gets together at her home]. That’s my favorite part of my whole life anyway. And after watching it, it made me realize that everything I thought we are, we are.

I saw you tweet recently about what it’s like to see yourself behave on TV, what do you really think of that?

I have to be honest, I feel like it’s a good thing. I see how I am with my boys and it makes me almost like, proud of myself. I don’t like when I see myself get upset, it makes you see what you like and what you don’t. For the most part, I like what I see and how I come across, and I stay true to myself. I don’t like when I come out of my element.

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