Basketball Wives LA Episode 3 Recap: An Anniversary To Remember


Not feeling Brandi.

Not feeling Brandi.

Brittish had a great time hosting the ladies at her Turkish tea party last week, she tells the always scheming Jackie.“You had fun kicking Brandi outta your house?” asks henchwoman Sundy.

Brittish levels with us and says, “I’m not feeling Brandi at all.” WE KNOW. More about how she feels like Brandi thinks she’s better than everybody. And the claws are out. Brittish wonders why Brandi is jealous of her.

“You don’t have no career. You don’t go to work. You so mad you somebody got some individuality and all you got is a couple of kids…”

Sundy pipes up, “And a bad makeup artist.”

Then Jackie effortlessly (not) moves the conversation to Draya’s outfit from the tea party.

“It was giving me Draya in the strip club when her name was ‘Miami,’” Sundy says. Remember her face last week?

Brittish is feasting on this reveal while Jackie is telling Sundy not to call Draya by her former stripper name. Sundy is all, I can call her whatever I want.

“She’s a little maniac,” says Jackie.

“And I’m the Tasmanian devil,” responds Sundy.

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