Basketball Wives LA Episode 4 Recap: A Dry-Ass “Hi” & A “Girl, Bye”


It’s the day of the GLAAD event, y’all! Jackie gets to the venue and it’s not decorated, there are no gift bags, no friends. Her assistant isn’t answering his phone and she is starting to sweat. Jackie calls Brittish, Sundy, Malaysia and Ariane (oh, hey, remember Ariane??) and no one is answering.

Jackie’s assistant finally shows and she asks him,

“Do you want me to go off on you in this motherf**ker?” Jackie decides he no longer works for her and then Sundy arrives and Jackie breathes her first breath. She proceeds to reintroduce Sundy to Doug (“Sundy, you remember Doug?”). Yo, isn’t the whole thing that Sundy and Jackie are tight? She doesn’t know her husband like that? OKAY.



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