Basketball Wives LA Episode 4 Recap: A Dry-Ass “Hi” & A “Girl, Bye”


Malaysia finally arrives and is pissed that Jackie and Sundy are giving her an attitude and telling her she’s late. Brandi says you know Malaysia is pissed because she’s got her high pitched white-girl-voice on. Sundy says she didn’t realize Malaysia wasn’t told to come early.


Things seem to be settling down but then Jackie’s all, “Of course Draya isn’t going to show up to my event. Typical Draya.” Malaysia grills her, “It’s your own fault. You told her the Orlando news. I wouldn’t have come either.” Jackie’s got the sweat under control and thinks she’s right. “I should have waited and then she would have come.”

Even Sundy get you a drink.

Even Sundy gets you a drink.

Rewind your DVR and next you can actually see Sundy bring Malaysia a drink. So the girls are getting along. They toast to a great GLADD event when Brittish finally enters. “Don’t be mad at me, Jackie,” she yells as she walks in. So much for happy endings.

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