Benzino Explains How He Avoided Being Left With “A Handful Of Silicone And A Broken Heart”


Last night on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Benzino warned his buddy Kirk that when you meet girls on social media, all you’re left with in the end is “a handful of silicone and a broken heart.” Wise words from Mr. Raymond Scott, for sure, but we know that he and his fiancee, Althea, technically met on Instagram, as Althea explains in the clip above. So how did Benzino avoid the fate he warned Kirk about? We asked him.


In episode two, you actually age Kirk some advice that I think people will come back to you and be like, “what’s up with that?” You told Kirk that “with girls you meet on social media, you’ll end up with a handful of silicone and a broken heart.” That didn’t happen for you though.

Benzino: “You know, I’m saying its like this: social media has made it to where just everybody in general is putting themselves on display. And with Instagram and Facebook, it’s all about your pictures and how your image is looking, I think you just gotta be careful and you know, nothing will ever take the place of meeting somebody in person. Just organically meeting somebody somewhere where you can actually see them in person. I’m old-school like that.”

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