Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Check Yourself: The Ultimate Line Of Disrespect


Kirk stepped in it this week on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta when he let it slip that he gave Karter a secret DNA test to prove he was the baby’s father. On this episode of Check Yourself, Rasheeda watches his slip-up and is NOT having any of these shenanigans. “I know you didn’t think I would stoop to your level and go out here and do some bulls—t. I have what you call morals and values, bruh. So for you to go out there and do something like that, that’s the ultimate line of disrespect.”

Kirk’s reaction? He’s just insecure! Riiiight.

Latre in the clip, Stevie and Joseline get excited re-watching their sexy bath together. “You know I take baths, I don’t just stand in the shower. I need to let this kooty cat soak,” Joseline explains. Annnnnd we’re done. We’ll let you watch the rest and take it from here.

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